A few past articles of mine from various publications:

We Just Wanted to Swim, Sir.” Forty-five years ago, Omaha’s NAACP Youth Council challenged a segregated Peony Park—and won.

Inkpaduta’s Revenge. A century and a half later, the Spirit Lake Massacre of 1857 remains Iowa’s most notorious crime.

Saving a Great Vision. Poet John G. Neihardt and Lakota holy man Black Elk and the collaboration that led to the classic Black Elk Speaks.

The Enduring Mari Sandoz. Old Jules’ daughter overcame poverty and abuse to become one of the Great Plains’ finest writers.

Lane’s Army. Kansas-bound pioneers cross Iowa during the summer of 1856. They plan to settle peacefully—if Col. Jim Lane doesn’t start a civil war.

Swingin’ with Preston Love. An interview with the noted Omaha jazz saxophonist and bandleader about music, race, and the thrill of getting his big break with the Count Basie Orchestra.


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